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Friday, March 7, 2008

Ways to Save $$$ on Formula

This week Money Saving Mom hosted a discussion on how to save money on formula.

I read through most of the postings and gathered the ideas that I thought would be most helpful to you. I know I have several friends who have asked me specifically to keep my eyes peeled for coupons and other savings for baby (like diapers and formula). So here are some ideas from savvy, frugal, money saving moms nation-wide!

1. Sign up for the formula's club. All formula companies have their own websites where you can join to receive money saving coupons, formula checks, and samples.

Here are some to get you started:
- Enfamil
- Similac
- Nestle

2. Have your friends and family also sign up for these clubs to receive these same coupons, formula checks, and samples so that they can give them to you! :) (or ask them if you can sign them up - no work for them - more money savings for you!)

3. Sam's club seems to be a favorite for many mom's - more than just a few said that this was the cheapest place to purchase formula.

4. Visit Baby Cheapskate or Centsable baby or for deals.

5. A zillion (okay maybe not quite a zillion) moms said that generic is just as good as the name brands and could be purchased at a fraction of the cost. Because of FDA regulations, formula is pretty much the same -regardless of what the fancy wrappers tell you! Read more about that here.

6. Ask your pediatrician for samples (this won't be your only supply of course, but every little bit helps!)

7. Join Food Lion's baby club or Publix baby club for more money savings coupons (there may be other stores too).

8. Get it free with ECB's at CVS! :)

See my post (Freebies) for more coupons and free samples on baby items here.
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