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Friday, March 7, 2008

Grocery Gathering Starts BRIGHT & EARLY Every Monday and Thursday!

The girls over at BeCentsAble are hosting a new shopping resource called the "Grocery Gathering." This will be a one-stop-shop for all your bargains for over 20 stores!!

Each Monday and Thursday morning (at the crack of dawn!) they'll post a new "gathering" of deals from the ads that start the day prior (Monday is for the Sunday ads/Thursday for the Wednesday ads). Each post will include links to the stores being hosted, a link to misc coupons and freebies from Freebies4Mom, and top online coupons and deals from Rather-Be-Shopping; you get freebies and online deals every week.

You will click on the store of your choice and be instantly transported to the latest & greatest deals!! If you find additional deals at your store, we'd like you to add them to the comments or link them to Mister Linky. Ditto for stores that we don't currently have listed. These can be linked (or posted through comments) at the main post for each gathering.

As mentioned before, over 20 bloggers are working together (including me!) to help you so that you don't have to dig around searching for the best deals - they'll all be in one place! EASY PEASY!

Be sure to visit me on Monday for the TARGET deals and again on Thursday for the deals at FOOD LION!

Don't get left behind... The Grocery Gathering starts this Monday (March 10)!

Happy "Bargain" Hunting!

1 Comment:

Kyle said...

Thanks for the mention. Cool blog you have here, gosh, you post a ton of good info. Glad you are doing the 'Grocery Gathering' as well!