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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Target Deals

Welcome to the Grocery Gathering! Here you can find the deals for Target this week. If you are looking for deals at other stores click on the Grocery Gathering picture at the top of this post and it will link you to a list of other blogs that are covering other stores over at BeCentsable's site!

For all Target Coupons click here. (Thanks to the Full Cup Forum).
*Remember you can stack Target coupons with manufacturer's coupons!*

LUVS Family Pack of diapers $15
Use with Target coupon $2.50/1

Oil of Olay Quench lotion (11.8 oz) on sale $5
Use with coupon $1/1 (2 different ones: expires 3/31 or expires 4/30)
(BTW: I HEART this stuff!)

Yoplait Yogurt 10 for $5
Use with $0.40/6 coupon (expires 4/19)

Pepsi products
12 pack cans and 6 pack (24 oz) bottles 4/$10
Use with Target coupons (use 2) $1/2 12 packs of Pepsi (Makes' me 4/$8)
2 liters 5 for $5

Bounty 12 rolls for $13

Cheerios 3/$7
Use with Target coupon $1/2
Also, stack with other man. coupon (I have some for $1/3 and $0.75/2)

Bertolli Frozen Skillet Meals 2/$11
Use with coupons $2.50/1 (printable here) (Makes 'em $3 each)

Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Bread 2/$5
Use with $1/2 coupon or $0.55/1 coupons

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers 3/$4
Use with Target coupon $1/2

Target has a deal going on this week that sounds pretty sweet:
If you buy 2 Enfamil formulas listed here you will get a $5 Target gift card.
Qualifying varieties: Enfamil 25.7 oz. LIPIL, 24 oz. Gentlease or AR, or 16 oz. Nutramigen ($25 each) OR 24 oz. Next Step LIPIL ($21 each).

Another gift card deal:
Buy 3 of the following items and get a $5 gift card
Charmin bath tissue($7 each), Swiffer Sweeper starter kit ($9 each), 72 to 96 load liquid or 95 or 120 load powder TIDE ($9 each), the big bottles of Pantene or Head and Shoulders ($6 each), Always pads and Tampax Pearl tampons(2 for $13), or select Pampers ($18 each). Not a GREAT deal but if you need or are loyal to these products you might want to do this one. If anyone has any good ideas on working these deals let me know! :)

That is all I see this week. If you see other Target deals or you are out scouring the sale aisles and you notice something, pass it on! Email me or leave a comment so we can SHARE the LOVE!


Mindy Said said...

I just wanted to share that I found some $1 off of 1 coupons for Cheerios. They have been located by several different blood pressure machines in both Publix and CVS. :-) Thanks for listing the Target deals!

RF said...

Thanks for the comment! I can't wait until we get our Target! It is supposed to open within the next week or so!!!

Sarah said...

I have been waiting for Luvs diapers to go on sale! Thanks for posting this - I'm heading there today to get the $15 family pack, and will use the $2.50 Target Q and the $2 Manu Q that I have been holding onto!

Love your weekly Target post ;)

Wendy said...

I posted a few more Target deals on my blog...including Free Pizza Hut Breadsticks with a purchase of $1 (or more) from the Target Cafe!

Denise Sawyer said...

I am having a hard time seeing your blog! Can you leave the address?

The "Cents"ible Sawyer

Denise Sawyer said...

Disregard, I tried to figure out by clicking on your name here in the comments and it told me your profile was blocked thus I couldn't see which blog you were referring to.

But, then I put two and two together from the email you sent and I figured out (at least I think!) that you are Wendy from More Than Enough!

Am I right? I love playing CLUE (hehe)!

The "Cents"ible Sawyer

Wendy said...

That's me! ;-)