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Monday, March 31, 2008

My Favorite CVS buy!

So, I went to CVS today and did 4 transactions. My favorite transaction wast this lip plumper. It was part of the 24/7 product line where yo buy one item and get $10 in ECBs! I realized (excitedly) that I had a $5/1 coupon for the lip plumper. It was regular $19.99. I used my $5/$15 coupon and my $5 off the lip plumper coupon. I paid the rest with ECBs ($9.49) and then I put the rest ($0.54) on a gift card! I earned $10 in ECBs! So, basically I get to try it for FREE! I have been wanting to try "lip plumper" to see if it really works. I let you know once the verdict is in! :)

You'll have to wait to see the rest of my great CVS buys until Friday when I host:


On Friday evening I will post a picture of all my CVS stuff with the low down of my adventures. At the end of my post I will have a Mr. Linky so you can post all of your CVS adventures too! (If you don't have a blog you can leave a comment. I love to hear all the scenarios you guys cook up! Also, I love to see how LOW you can go (Mommin' it up calls it "FREE VS" HeHeHe!). Everyone come on back here now and post your great buys (NEWBIES TOO!!! :) ) See you on Friday! (Mr. Linky will be open until Saturday night at midnight!!)


Jenny M said...

Wow! I almost bought the 24.7 scrub today, but the girl at the register started getting fiesty about the $5/$15's so I chickened out. Where did you get the $5 off the lip plumper? Do you like it?

Denise Sawyer said...

It print at the end of my receipt one day, just like your ECBs do.

I tried it today. It is kind of weird. It made my lips feel like they were stung by a bee! Okay, maybe not that bad! But, it did work I think but my lips felt really weird and the area just right around my lips got kinda red and felt funny.

Not sure that I will use it again!

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

RF said...

At least it was free for you! I have a question: Do you have to use all of you ECBs when you make a transaction? I went last night to buy a few things (to use my ECBs from Friday and accumulate a few more).The lady at the register said I couldn't just use some of my ECBs for a purchase or whatever I had left over would be lost! I thought they just kept rolling over. So I had to quick grab a few other things. Is it just my store or is this how it works?

Denise Sawyer said...

Yes, you have to use the full amount on the ECB. So, that makes it a little tricky. I always take along my calculator and add up all the products I intend on purchasing in one transaction. Then I subtract all my coupons and that give me a good idea of how much my total will be. I always shoot for using an ECB that is just a hair less than my transaction b/c (at least at my CVS) it tends to mess with the tax when you use an ECB, making the total less than what I thought!

If you don't have an ECB small enough then you have to decide what else you want to throw in (ideally something you are running out of at home or something you can at least use!).

Hope this helps!
The "Cents"sible Sawyer

RF said...

Thanks, Denise! I don't know how I skipped over that before. I'll just have to plan ahead!