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Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Month or More of Groceries!!

Today we went to Kroger to "spend" some of our better coupons that were going to expire. Since I am a teacher, I get paid once a month. So, we have decided it is best to shop once a month to do our "regular" shopping and only pick up free or close to free deals in between, with the occasional extra gallon of milk, loaf of bread, or produce. So, today we did that major haul and got our groceries for the month. Actually, between this and what is already in my freezer and pantry I am pretty sure we could eat for at least two months (maybe more). So, my personal challenge is to just use what we've got for the next few months and see how long I can make it stretch!

So here's what we scored today:
Left Side of the Table

Right Side of the Table

The total was $182.50
My coupon savings: $34.12
My Kroger Plus Card Savings: $33.12
Total Savings: $67.24

For those of you who shop weekly, let me break that down for you:

If these groceries only lasted me a month (which I've already said I think it will last much more) and March has 31 days, that means we are eating for $2.94 each/3 meals a day! That is less than $1 a meal!!!

And, "we ain't eatin' no beans and rice neither!" :)


Kimberly said...

That's a lot of food! :) I only buy little bits at a time but it sure looks like you got a good deal to me !

Heather Lynn said...

After spending $200 (AFTER Kroger card savings), I'm very curious to know what you got and what you plan to make in order to make it all last for a month (or longer). My husband and I pack our lunch every day and cook most nights, but my grocery bill has never been that low and it's usually only good for two weeks. Your advice would be greatly appreciated!