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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fun on Spring Break in Chattanooga, TN

A friend at school told me about an interesting site today. It is a site that shows lots of fun adventures to do in Chattanooga, Tennessee for kids!! The site is called Chattanooga Family Adventures. It has 9 "adventures" that you can do with your kids from March 10 - April 25. These adventures are REALLY cool!!

One of them is called 'Be an Island Explorer.' The description says:

"What if you could . . .
. . . be an island explorer aboard the Chattanooga Water Taxi/Fat Cat Ferry and tour Maclellan Island? Your special map from Outdoor Chattanooga will be your guide to exploring this downtown wildlife sanctuary that was once home to Native American and European farmers. Take a scavenger hunt and find habitats for Great Blue Herons, Osprey, Muskrat and River Otters.

You will:
Take the Chattanooga Water Taxi & Fat Cat Ferry to downtown Chattanooga’s Maclellan Island. You will get a special Outdoor Chattanooga map to guide you along the trails of the 18-acre wildlife sanctuary. An easy two-mile loop trail along the island banks will take you through a lush forest, under the Veterans Bridge, and to a Great Blue Heron rookery upstream. Explorers are encouraged to pack food and drink, and take advantage of picnic areas and rest stops along the way."

So, if you live in or around Chattanooga, TN and you've got some school-aged kids, you should check it out for some reasonably priced fun for Spring break!

If you do not live around the area, be sure to check out your local home town's website (or large city around where you live) to see what kind of things are going on around your neck of the woods while the kids are hangin' around the house! There are always lots of fun and frugal adventures to be found!

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Heather said...

aweSOME. Thanks.