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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets! For $0.03 (tax) YIPEE!

I went to Wal-mart today to see if my local store had the Fast Fixin' Dino Bites EVERYONE has been talking about on their blogs today, and, sure enough, my store has 'em for $1 a bag! So, I scooped up 4 of them (I didn't realize I had 5 coupons!) and took them to the check out. The checker lady really eyeballed my coups, but I after I reassured her that they were for this product, she scanned them, and viola! they scanned without a hitch! So, I got four bags for $0.12! (That's the tax in Georgia!) and she (the checker lady) looked rather surprised. I said, "I've got an extra coupon if you want one." Her eyes got big and she said sure, she bought stuff like this for her grandsons all the time. I handed her the coupon and then told her how to get some more of her own. She acted as if I had handed her a ten dollar bill! It was so funny!! I laughed all the way home about:

1. The lady's reaction to my coupons
2. That I just walked out of Wal-mart with 4 bags of chicken for $0.12
3. How a grown woman and her husband will be eating dinosaur chicken nuggets!!! HeHeHe!! :)
(No kids here...yet) :)

Here's the Scoop on how to score your very own dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets! :)

Sentisible Cents says:
Go to the Fast Fixin' website here to print your very own coupons. Just sign up for their Fanatics club, and they will send 5 coupons to your printer. Go back and refresh the page to print 5 more!
Then, look around on their site, and there is a place to print another coupon. Again, backspace and refresh the page and you'll get yet another. That makes a total of 12 coupons!

*New Info*
Thanks to my mom for mentioning this one!
For those of you who went to Wal-Mart and bought 10+ bags of FREE chicken you should do this:
Clip the UPCs (the bar codes they scan at the supermarket) from Fast Fixin' packages. For every 10 UPCs that you send them, they'll mail you a free product coupon! Yippee, MORE free chicken!

Mail your UPCs to:
Fast Fixin' Fanatics
P.O. Box 21804
Oklahoma City, OK 73156.


Marianne said...

I did this deal yesterday and scored 5 bags for zilch-o. Yipee!

I would have gotten 10, but 5 was all that was left in the freezer case -- word is getting around about this deal.

I'm swinging out to CVS tonight for Easter Bunny shopping and plan on hitting WallyWorld again for more nuggets (which my kids inhale!).

Smiles and blessings - and mucho savings!

Susang said...

The link for the coupons also has information about mailing in 10 upc codes and getting a coupon for one free bag.

Heather said...

Is this still working this week? What is the regular price? I wasn't able to get out last week.

Denise Sawyer said...

At my Walmart it looked like the regular price was $1/1.
So, I am not positive, but it seems like the deal would still be good. If you go to check it out, let me know!

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Hillary said...

I headed in today with my 12 coupons in hand and had no luck finding them. Were these in the regular freezer isles? I searched high and low for these it seemed like and had no luck finding any. I did find some chicken nuggets by the same brand but they were $2.58 and in the "ready made" meals section by the fresh seafood.

Candace said...

So much for your "gourmet chef" proclamation! Just kidding. Thanks for the tip on the UPC deal. I remember seeing that on the website, now that you mention it.