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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Worship - So Awesome!

We had worship tonight at the Percolator (my families coffee shop). It was just a small group (people whom I am related to and those who I consider my "extended" family). It was so awesome though, just being in the presence of the Lord. You could really feel the joy of the Lord. I always have a renewed strength afterwards.

Most importantly what I gleaned from worship was that I really need to find more time to just BE with the Lord (as in prayer, reading and studying my Bible, and just listening and chatting with Yeshua). With work, the driving time to and fro (we drive about 45 minutes each way), cooking, cleaning, making time for my husband, and other necessities of life I feel like a puddle of mush by about 8:00 pm. I can think of a few ways I can make this time with God that is of utmost importance happen - but I am wondering, how do you find time, and when do you make time for God? Your comments are wanted and needed!


Susang said...

Worship was amazing! I needed the refreshing. We do get so busy with our day to day things that it is easy to forget to share our load with God. He is so good to us and loves us if we just take the time to experience his presence.

"Cent"sible's mom

Kristin said...

Denise - thanks for adding us to your blogroll by the way! I agree, life gets hectic. My sister comes over once a week while my oldest is at Mother's Day Out and we do our own mini Bible study. It's nice to just chat with her and discuss the joys (or trials) we are having. Other than that...prayer and church are my outlets. I'll tell you - I find myself talking with God more often now that I am a SAHM...asking for patience and wisdom wheny my two year old is testing me and the baby won't stop crying!!!