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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Money Saving MOVIES

I am hearing a lot lately about Redbox. What is Redbox? Redbox is the "red box" that can be found in several stores and places. It looks like a vending machine and you can rent movies from it. For those who live around me there is one in the Summerville Wal-Mart lobby.

You can rent movies for $1 a night and what I just found out is that they are giving out codes for FREE rentals all the time!

If you want to rent more than one movie for free, bring more than one credit/debit card. You can use the same promotional code, you just will need different accounts to charge to. The charge will be zero as long as you return your movie on time for the next day.

When entering in your free movie code, you need to enter it FIRST before picking the movie. On the very first screen, click the, "Rent with Promo." Enter in the above code and then make your selection- the amount should then total zero.

Okay so on to the FREE codes:
You can get the current codes at at her blog the Motherload.

You can also sign up to get alerts and free codes of your own here.

Not sure if there is a Redbox near you? Click here to find out!

This week's free code: President (offer expires 2/25).