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Thursday, February 21, 2008

CVS Celebrity

This week I left after school to pick up some of my CVS deals. I was with my mom (we car pool since we both drive 45 minutes+ to work). I was in the make-up aisle when I heard a cry from the main aisle. It was one of my "most favorite" students. Truly, he is a handful but a HOOT! he screamed, "Mrs. Sawyer... I can't believe you are at CVS! I can't believe I am seeing you at CVS after I saw you at school!!!" He continued to shout breathlessly with shock, "I just can't believe it. I can't believe we were at school together just a minute ago and then we came here ... again... together!" I told him, "Yeah, every now and then they let me out of the school to do other things!" :) His mom had a good laugh at his amazement and tried to coax him out of the store telling him to leave Mrs. Sawyer alone so she could shop. He just couldn't leave though! He was so thrilled he came over to hug me and to "reminisce" the good 'ole moments (not days) we had that day at school. He was absolutely hilarious! And, by the end of the loud visit every one in the store knew I was "Mrs. Sawyer" and it was truly nothing short of amazing that I was at CVS after school.

Isn't funny how young children think their teacher live at school?!

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chrissy said...

That great!!! My husband and I both are teachers (I stay at home now w/the babies) and it is always funny when you see the kids outside of school. They just can't believe that we would see a movie or go to the store!!