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Thursday, February 14, 2008

FREE Organix Shampoo or Conditioner

Get your very own Organix shampoo or conditioner for FREE! Right now at Walmart all of their Organix shampoo and conditioner have rebate tags on them (like these). The rebate is good until JULY! So get them as long as they last! Send the rebate off and get the product FREE!! (One rebate per household). I got these at the LaFayette Walmart. There are several different types of shampoos and conditioners to choose from.

*New Info*
I saw this shampoo/conditioner at CVS tonight with the same rebate tags. So, if you didn't pick it up at Wal-Mart you could possibly get it at your CVS!

1 Comment:

Susang said...

I found these tonight. Our Lafayette Walmart still has lots of these! Free-Free-Free--oh yeah!!