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Friday, February 15, 2008

Food Lion Pays ME to Shop!!

Today I went to Food Lion with the trustee coupons I printed yesterday (see yesterday's blog about Food Lion). The first time through the line I only purchased the blueberry waffles shown here. The cost was... wait for it... $0 -- actually they PAID me!!! She said, "hang on a minute ma'am I actually owe YOU money." That's right, she PAID ME 38 cents!!!

Next I went in and took along a second coupon for the waffles and a coupon for the Life water shown above. The coupon for the Life water was one I found for 50 cents off of 1 in the cooler section at CVS, it was a hang tag (I took several). They might even still have some, check it out next time you are in. Food Lion had the Life water for $1. With the 50 cent off coupon and the 38 cent overage from waffles my second total came to 20 cents! That means today's total came to an overage of 18 cents! That's right I MADE MONEY!!
Yeah - today is a good day!

Next time I go I am getting one more box of waffles and that box of Honey Bunches of Oats Chocolate Clusters I posted about yesterday. With the $2/1 coupon here you can get both the waffles and the cereal for about 20 cents!


Amanda said...

WOW! They paid you money - that is awesome. Good for you!

Susang said...

Thanks Denise. I followed your tips and links and tonight I purchased $50 in merchandise for only $12 oop after rebates. AWESOME! Now THIS IS shopping therapy! thanks for all you censibility!!!