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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Cellfire Coupons!

On the right side there is a new coupon bar - this is Cellfire. It is a totally legit way to download coupons to your store loyalty card. No need to clip coupons... it is a fast, easy way to save money! You don't even have to worry about handing over your coupons at the check-out! (How many times have you gotten all your coupons together and then forgot to use them when you got to the store! LOL. I've heard this so many times from my newbie couponing friends)! For more info on how to use Cellfire coupons go to my post HERE.

BC Supreme Brownie Save $.75
Save $0.75 when you buy two any flavor Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie

BC Warm Delights Save $.50
Save $.50 when you buy ONE any flavor Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls
OR Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis Bowls.

Multigrain Cheerios Save $.55
Save $0.55 when you buy ONE BOX MultiGrain Cheerios cereal.

Kix cereal Save $.55
Save $0.55 when you buy any ONE BOX Kix cereal listed: Kix, Berry Berry
Kix, Honey Kix.