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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hot Deal on Organic Formula at

Earth's Best Infant Formula (Soy Organic)(13.2-ounce) is just $8 per can right now at

You’ll see it listed for $9.79, which is a good price in and of itself ($0.74/ounce), but sign up for Subscribe & Save to get an additional 15% off, plus free shipping or $8.32 per can ($0.63/ounce).

Note from Carrie at Pocket Your Dollars: "When my kids were formula-fed I paid $0.58/ounce for non-organic formula from Sam’s Club and that was the lowest price I could find, factoring in the cost of the membership into the per ounce price. So, holy smokes, for a few cents more per ounce you can get organic formula."

{Thanks Carrie!}

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Leah said...

I have a $10 Bahama Breeze coupon/gift certificate that was mailed to me. The BB near me closed down. If you are interested, email me at leahrockwell (at) hotmail (dot) com.