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Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Movie Night - This Friday!

Have you seen the commercials for the Family Movie coming on this Friday, April 16th, on NBC?
I am so exstatic, let me tell you why...

Do you remember family Friday nights? My family does. Each Friday, while I was growing up, my family would grab a quick dinner (often this was our "junk" night when we'd pop a frozen pizza in the oven or order delivery) and then plop in the living room to watch TGIF with Family Matters, Step By Step, Dinosaurs, and others. I looked forward to it each week and still have fond memories today.

My family has had more than one conversation about how we miss the "good" television that was on while I was growing up. You know, the stuff you enjoyed sitting together watching with your older children and younger children alike. They were clean shows, about normal families like our own, and you didn't have to worry about the content or the messages in the format.

Well, if you're like me and you've longed for some good clean television that you could actually enjoy WITH your children {you know beside cartoons =) } then you are in luck! There is a great movie coming on this Friday, Secrets of the Mountain, and it is one of many more produced by P&G, Walmart, and NBC to bring family movie night back! It isn't cheesy and you don't have to worry about the content - it is safe for all ages!

So, get you're popcorn and snugly pajamas ready. Yippeee! I feel giddy already!

Want to see a sneak peak? Check it out HERE


twashburn said...

Sounds good! I remember all of the family plopping down for Wonderful World of Disney. Good Times!

Sarah@VintageChic said...

I miss the times of clean primetime tv! I always loved Full House!

Allie Z said...

This will sound silly. I feel old! I too share this family Friday movie night!! We must be quite similar in age (I just turned 28). I was thinking you're older, maybe because of the new-old school mom post? :) Too funny!

We do a Friday night date night and a Saturday night family night. Maybe we'll flip flop this for this movie? :) Or maybe this is a good reason to get a TiVo? LOL Ok, maybe not...

Danielle said...

I remember all of that, too! I'm 32 and sure do miss those kinds of shows and hanging out with my parents. Now, my husband and I can do it with our kiddo. Cool.