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Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 3/29

I've been trying a few new recipes each week - especially since we've been trying to incorporate one meatless meal each week. Last week it was Butternut Ravioli - and it was a hit! This week it is homemade black bean burgers, and I'm told they will make you want to NEVER buy the boxed kind in the freezer section again! We are also trying to eat more fish. I am not a BIG fish eater, but I am trying! This week we'll be trying a recipe for "Cake Cod" Fish Cakes... they sound yummy.

Here's what I've planned for this week:

:: Monday
Passover meal at my brother & his wife's house

:: Tuesday
Black Bean Burgers
Homemade French Fries

:: Wednesday
Grilled Chicken
Roasted Sweet Potatoes (Judah's favorite!)
Sugar Snap Peas

:: Thursday
"Cake Cod" Fish Cakes
Home made French Fries
Green Beans

:: Friday
Quick Chicken Alfredo

:: Saturday

Meal at the Coffee House/Bible Study

:: Sunday
Beef Stroganoff
Yeast Rolls

1 Comment:

Justine said...

I tried this Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie a few weeks ago when I had my free bag of organic potatoes from Earth Fare and it was pretty good. Yeah, it was missing the beef, but it was still tasty :)