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Monday, February 22, 2010

My favorite find this week!

This is NOT a sponsored post and NO I didn't receive free product! =)
This is just a really awesome product I bought this week and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!

I'm so giddy about these new Tovolo Freezer Jewel Pop molds I had to share them with you! First, (full disclosure) I LOVE popsicles, popsicle molds, and thoughts of making homemade goods for my kidlets (yes I only have one NOW- but I can visualize more!!)

I bought these with a Amazon giftcode I acquired by doing an online research group. I was trying to decide what I would buy with my "free" money ... choices ... choices. I had my eye on these sweet little popsicle molds along with some Farmyard Ice Cream Sandwich Molds
that I also purchased. I've been wanting to get them for a while and was so excited when they finally arrived. I wasn't sure how large they would be and actually thought it might be a few years before Judah could enjoy them. But they are perfect!

They are just the right size for his soon to be one year old little hands! He is teething again and has three little teeth pushing through right now - poor "thang!" This was just the treat for him to soothe his pitiful gums! He thoroughly enjoyed his popsicle as you can see! Score one for mom! =)

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Kathy_in_Colorado said...

What an adorable photo!