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Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

The pantry challenge is over but we still have plenty of food in our freezer and pantry to keep plugging along without making any purchases besides dairy and fresh produce (and maybe a loaf of bread). I sat down today to do a little planning with what was left and I came up with 4 more weeks! Wow! I had no idea I had that much "reserves!" I'm going to keep plugging along with this and save up a little of my grocery money to make some major meat purchases when the prices are right!

Here's what I've planned for this week:

:: Monday
Angus burgers on Arnold Sandwich thins
Homemade french fries

:: Tuesday
Beef Stew
Homemade jalapeno corn muffins

:: Wednesday
BBQ meatballs
Lady Peas

:: Thursday
Waffles for dinner!

:: Friday
Baked Ziti

:: Saturday
Meal at Bible Study - no cooking for me!

:: Sunday
Cold Night Soup aka quick veggie soup w/ hamburger

1 Comment:

Together We Save said...

Sounds yummy. I had emptied my pantry in Jan until the Kroger Mega sale that is. I have a freezer full of frozen veggies!!