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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Windows 7 Section 7 - $7 Concert tickets & merch

Windows 7 and Live Nation are teaming up to offer a new and simple way of connecting music fans with the music and artists they love most – a new online community known as Windows 7 Section 7.

Windows 7 Section 7 offers music lovers a host of insider benefits, including exclusive ticket buying options, discounts, opportunities to meet their favorite artists, fan clubs, great deals on tickets, merchandise and more.

Windows 7 Section 7 also features a unique Daily Offer every weekday that connects fans with great $7 deals to concert tickets and merchandise from their favorite artists. Windows 7 Section 7 lets fans receive the Daily Offer however they choose, including a downloadable Windows gadget, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and email and also makes it easy for members to share the Daily Offers with friends through social media.

To sign up go here: