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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Resources for New Year's Resolutions/Goals

Hey Frugalistas!

I've got some great resources I have been using this week that I wanted to share with you! If you are joining me on the Eat From the Pantry Challenge, you are going to love this one:

When making meals from what you have on hand and stretching the foods you've stockpiled in your freezer and/or pantry you might not always have that one little ingredient that the recipe calls for. No need to worry - or run out to the store to grab that one ingredient (and 5 other things!). There are many common substitutions you can use! Heather at My Red Apron has a great PRINTABLE substitutions list that you can print out and hang on your fridge! {Now isn't that handy} It has several great one including what to use when your out of milk, heavy cream, ketchup, or sugar. Go grab it right HERE.

Another great resource that I am loving right now is It is a website to help you set goals and meet them with your diet, nutrition, and exercise. I really like "The Daily Plate" under the Diet & Nutrition tab that allows you to track your calories each day. First, it helps you determine how many calories you should be eating according to if you want to loose weight or maintain your weight. You can see how your doing on the sidebar because there is a graph comparing your calories all week. It also has TONS of food items already programmed in so when you go to type in that you had Oreo cookies it automatically pulls up the nutrition information and records it - no need to go dig it out of your pantry to look it up. It also has a place for you to record how much and what type of exercise you are doing each day and it tells you approximately how many calories you burned doing it. Whats even better is this service is FREE!

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craftymom said...

Great resources, thanks for sharing!!!