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Monday, January 11, 2010

Eat From the Pantry - Week 2

So week one of the Eat From the Pantry Challenge is over and we survived! We not only survived... we ate well! The only food I purchased this week was dairy and fresh produce. (Stay tuned - I'll be posting about my trip to the local organic/whole foods store and how week 1 of Organic on a Budget went).

Last week I had a couple of readers request my recipe for Tilapia Piccata from last week's Meal Plan (HERE).
So, here it is - nothing special or difficult - but it is a family favorite!

Tilapia Piccata
Tilapia fillets (however many you need for your family)
Flour for "breading" the fish
Olive Oil
2 TBSP butter
1 can chicken stock
lemon juice (to your taste)
capers (optional)

Roll your fish in flour to coat. Put olive oil in your skillet (a few TBSP) to fry the fish. When fish is cooked through and breading is crisp take the fish out of the skillet and place on paper towels.

You shouldn't have too much oil left but you will have lots of yummy bits from the frying. Pour chicken stock straight into the same hot pan you just took the fish out of. Scrape the yummy bits off the pan with the chicken stock. This is called "deglazing." Add a TBSP (or more to your taste - you can't make this dish wrong!) of lemon juice. Allow the broth and lemon juice to boil and then turn it down a bit. Let it cook down a little to form a sauce. Add capers (if you want to - they aren't totally necessary) and butter to the sauce. This will make the sauce thicker and richer. Serve fish and pour a couple spoonfuls of the lemon/butter sauce on top. Delicious!

Note: This can also be done the exact same way with boneless skinless chicken breast and is equally good!

And, for this week I've planned:

:: Monday
Beef Stroganoff (with ground chuck)

:: Tuesday
Marinated Chicken (grilled indoors)
Squash Casserole
Garlic Sauted Brussell Sprouts

:: Wednesday
Homemade Pizza with Canadian bacon and pineapple on my side and Canadian bacon and pepperoni on my hubby's side. =)

:: Thursday
(Hubby is cooking)
Hamburger Helper!

:: Friday
Rotele Cheese Dip and Chips

:: Saturday
Frozen Pasta
"Homemade" French Bread (from frozen bread dough)

:: Sunday
Beef Stew


Kathy said...

Thanks for the recipe - we like Tilapia here as well. I enjoy your menu sharing as I put one together every weekend for the coming week and it's always fun to see a new idea to add. We do make homemade pizza once a week and what I like about the bread recipe for the dough is the extra can be turned in to focaccia bread for dipping along with homemade soup. (this week it will be homemade potato soup)

This might be an idea for you, once a week, I make breakfast for dinner like french toast with sausage or bacon, or an omelette, etc. Very easy and quick

Lorianne said...

Thank you so much for this recipe! We tried it tonight plus this was the first time I have ever made Tilapia!!! SUCCESS!!!! It turned out delicious! Thank you!