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Monday, November 16, 2009

A Great Gift This Season: The Keurig

With the economy like it is we've let go of those little "luxuries" to save a little dough. One of these luxuries is Starbucks (or other gourmet) coffee. When budgets get tight (or tighter) this is usually one of the first things you hear people say they are cutting out.

If you've got a gourmet coffee lover in your family that is feeling a little deprived due to "budget cuts" I've got a great gift item for your this season! It is the Keurig Elite Coffee Maker. This brewing system makes single cups of gourmet coffee from little "pods" that you insert in. It couldn't be easier! There is no clean up and it brews in under a minute! You have two choices in size - an 8 oz or a 10 oz cup. There are literally hundreds of choices of K-cups. There are all sorts of coffees, teas, and even hot chocolate!

I had the opportunity to review this product for free. After using it for a couple of months my take on it is that it would make a great gift for that friend or family member who hasn't had that Starbuck's fix in a while. They can brew their very own "gourmet coffee" right at home! It would also be a great gift for that single coffee lover or the person who loves coffee but is the only one in his/her household that drinks it (since this makes single cups at a time - there is no waste of brewing a big pot for one).

While the K-cups don't come cheap (buying loose grounds and making it in a regular coffee maker would be cheaper) it might be cost effective if you are wasting a lot of coffee (brewing a whole pot for one). The K-cups also allow for you to have lots of variety - you can have a different flavor each day!

The Keurig can be bought in several stores now, but it makes a reasonably priced gift when purchased at Walmart for under $100. For more information on the Keurig visit their site HERE.


elaine said...

I love my Keurig. It allows me to drink caffeinated (Pumpkin Spice is fantastic!), and my husband to drink decaf without making two pots.

Janet said...

I have had my Keurig for 2 years and we would not be without it. It is around .51 cents a cup. We order our K cups direct from Keurig and usually order 4-5 boxes of 23-26 K cups in each box. Shipping is free if you buy 4 boxes. Very fast shipping and always fresh! Love the seasonal coffees. Nice variety of vendors to choose from. We love it!!!