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Monday, November 16, 2009

$1 off Lunchables & A Free Meal for a Kid in Need!

Have you made the promise yet? I'm talking about making a promise to send your child off to school with a note of encouragement. For those of you who don't know, I work at a primary school with kindergartners and they LOVE seeing those little notes in their lunchboxes from mom or dad.

If you'll promise to send your child to school with a note Lunchables will donate a meal to a kid in need! They are trying to reach a goal of 100,000 notes & 100,000 meals! So, come on, it's for a good cause! There half way there! This promotion is in full swing until the end of December - so, head over HERE to the Lunchables Lunch note Promise site and click to make a promise!

Isn't that cool?!

But wait, while you're there you can print some super cute PDF notes for your kiddos lunchbox and print a $1 off coupon for the new, healthier Lunchables with water! Check it all out HERE

P.S. Have you tried the NEW healthy lunchables (like the one pictured above?) They are delicious! I know I'm a little old and not really the target market for this product but I can't help it! I haven't outgrown these things - they are delicious! The new Lunchables are packed with great choices and it is something I keep on hand for those grab and go mornings when time is not on my side!