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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Review of Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps

Have you seen or tried these crisps yet? Brothers All Natural makes a whole slew of flavors including pineapple, strawberry, strawberry banana, peach, and pear.

I had the opportunity to try them for FREE thanks to the fine folks at Brothers All Natural and they are DELICIOUS! My favorite is the strawberry banana ones.

This is a product you will love and will feel good about giving them to your little ones. They are made with all natural fruit and that is it! No added sugar, flavor, or color - just the REAL fruit. And, these crisps are freeze-dried, not like your typical dried fruit that gets sweeter or rubbery. These are crisp and light and airy! They are unlike anything I've ever eaten before.

It is a nice change of pace and something you can pop in a lunch box to go or take to ball practice. I buy several varieties at my local Walmart for under a buck. You can find them at several National Chain locations and you can also buy them online HERE. They can be bought online in several ways - (2) 12 packs or in huge cases - you decide!

I hope you love 'em as much as I do... soemthing you can feel good about and they are tasty too!


KD said...

They also sell potatoe ones... do NOT get them thinking they are a suitable substitute for chips! yuck! :O

bethf202 said...

What section are the fruit crisps in at Walmart?

Pio the Meyers and Jenell the Human said...

The apple crisps ones are good, they sell those at Costco and BJs. I eat them and share them with my parrot. :)