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Monday, September 21, 2009

Love Bottle Give Away!

I had the opportunity to review a super cool product that has been great for me and our environment!

This incredible thing is really something quite ordinary - but beautiful - it is a water bottle... okay not just any old water bottle, a

Love Bottle

A love bottle is a glass water bottle that comes in two different sizes, 500 ml and 1000 ml (I have the 500 ml size). The small love bottle is a perfect replacement for those disposable plastic water bottles that you might be purchasing. So, not only is it great for the environment - less waste - it is GREAT for your pocketbook! It is also great for your body!

I am HORRIBLE about drinking enough water during the day. I love the Love Bottle because it is beautiful and easy to haul around with me all day while I am at work. I can stop by the office and refill it with filtered water throughout the day and I have been doing much better about getting more water intake.

Love Bottles come in lots of different designs. They range in price from $12 to $16 for the small (personal size) water bottles. I LOVE the etched designs, they are beautiful! I have the "Dream Big" design and I have gotten so many compliments.

You can also order an insulated bag to keep it cool if you'd like. I have one and I it makes it really easy to keep it cold and to carry it around from room to room since it has an adjustable strap (similar to a small bag).

One Lucky Reader Will Win a Love Bottle!

That's right you could win a 500 ml Love Bottle of your choice + a band to fit around it! All you have to do to be entered is visit Love Bottle's website HERE.

Then, come back to this site and and fill out the form telling me your name, email, and your favorite bottle design from the Love Bottle website.

This give away will end Friday, September 25th at 11:59 EST.


Beth said...

I love the pink and black star. What a great idea!
drugtoredivabeth [at] gmail dot com

Sila Lumenn said...

Dream Big is my favorite. I love all the little wispy, windy curls. These bottles are a great idea. I've not been able to warm up to the stainless steel bottles that are turning up everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I love the Dream Big swirley one too! The stainless steel ones weird me out, mostly b/c I have issues with drinking from metal containers (LOL).
What a fun give-a-way!

Jessi Johnson said...

I love the Dream Big one too. Swirls are my favorite design!

Anonymous said...

really like the etched love bottle. great idea! thanks for the chance.


Ashley said...

I LOVE the Etched "Dream Big" Wind Curls. These are such a great idea! I have been getting very fed up w/ my plastic bottles and have been wanting something new. This would be a great replacement for them.

The Landin's Page said...

I really like the pink and black stars bottle. I, like you, do not get the water I need each day so hoprfully this would help.