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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun and Easy After School Snacks

Did you see my post last week about stocking your fridge and snack cabinet for your kiddos so they'll have healthy and quick choices for after school snacks? By having a dedicated cabinet, basket, and/or shelf in the fridge your kids know what their choices are without having to ask and you'll know that they are making choices that you've approved. Also, by keeping snacks handy in your car, backpack, and at home you'll ensure that you stay on budget and keep stops at the fast food chains at bay.

Have a few extra minutes?
Here's a video featuring some fun and healthy snacks that you can make with your kids. BONUS- not only will your kids stop saying,"I'm hungry," but you'll get to spend some quality time with them doing something fun! Kim Danger shows you how to make a banana dog and a neat and nutritional trick with celery.

*You can even incorporate these in your child's lunchbox too! They'll be the talk of the town at the school lunch table! =)

Do you have a fun snack you can "build" with your kids? Share it with us here in the comments!