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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

$5 Tees at Gap!

Want to get GAP Graphic tees for $5.00?
The secret is--you must buy 4 at a time.

The $5 graphic t-shirts are priced $12.50 each or 2 for $20
toddler boy here or here, toddler girl here or here
baby boy and girl and kid boy and girl graphics also included (just look for the $12.50 each or 2 for $20 price)

Shirts across GAP are currently Buy One Get One FREE
(most stores are excluding hoodies and woven)

If you buy just 2 graphic tees, you will pay $12.50 or $6.25 each- a good price.
BUT, if you buy 4, you will pay only $20.00 or $5.00 each!


Sarah@VintageChic said...

I just put four of the shirts in my shopping bag and didn't get the discount.

Sarah said...

I believe it is in stores only....

Christina said...

I just bought 4 shirts in the store and didn't get the discount. I paid 26 for 4. What did I do wrong?

Kim R. said...

nothing, they won't give you the 2/$20 deal with the BOGO deal. I tried too. IT costs me $25.