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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

$1 off at Wendy's

$1 off Wendy's new Asian Chicken HERE

Has anyone tried these? I'm dying to try these - especially the buffalo flavor!

Thanks to A Thrifty Mom!


Jenny said...

My husband brought me some home one night and they were yummmmmy. I am not sure the flavors but they were very spicey, but still delicious!

Gloria said...

I tried to print it, but it said I already had printed it the number of times allowed, but I haven't printed it. :-( Oh well, thanks for the tip anyway. Maybe next time.

Jennifer said...

I'm not a big spicy or sweet-n-sour person, so I tried the BBQ flavored ones. They were fantastic! When I don't have time to pack my lunch, I end up driving through at Wendy's. I tried these for a change of pace one day and was pleasantly surprised. Now... that reminds me... I need to go and pack my lunch!

Melissa said...

Anyone else having trouble with the link? I was so feeling a Wendy's lunch today too!