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Monday, June 29, 2009

Free (or Cheap) Juice at Publix!

WOOT! This is a HOT deal - and a great chance to STOCK UP!

This is a stockopportunity for all those back-to-school lunchboxes! You'll either get a three pack of Apple & Eve organic juice for free (and actually get 41c back) or you'll get it for 9c, depending on your store.

Here's the deal... Publix has a 50c manufacturer's coupon in the June issue of Greenwise magazine and a $1 Publix coupon in orange and green Smart Summertime Savings flyer. Both flyers can be found for free at entrace to the store. The 50c coupon (says "do not double") is stackable with the $1 coupon, resulting in $1.50 savings on the juice, which typically retails for $1.59 for a three-pack. That means you'll get it for 9c. However, although the coupon clearly states "do not double", Publix cash registers will automatically double the coupon without manual override.

Thanks to Affluent Pauper for the scoop!


Anonymous said...

I was just woundering does publix in south florida double coupons?

charlotte said...