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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nursing Cover for only $7.95 (shipping)!

While supplies last, go to and use the promotional code 'onefree' to order a FREE nursing cover--retails at $32! (pay $7.95 in shipping)

Supplies are going quickly, so hurry!

Thanks to Kaley!


Cherie said...

Woohoo! Thank you so much! I'm due to have a baby ANY day and I've been wanting one of these! I was actually going to try to sew my own but this is even cheaper!

Misty said...

I just got mine in the mail and it is nice. I don't know what I am having yet so I got the blue and figured I can girly it up if I need to but there's not much hope with the pink if I have another boy :) It does wrinkle pretty easily after washing but it's going to wrinkle being stuffed in a bag with the other 150 baby things I need too so that's not a big deal.

Lara said...

Thank you so much. This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This was awesome... I needed one.

The Martone Memories said...

This is great, I am pregnant and was going to buy a cover. I really wanted a funky pattern but for 8 bucks I am so down with a single color

Jamie said...

Do you know that when I am home, in my own home, and we have company, I have to go to another room to nurse?? In MY HOUSE! Maybe this will help... Maybe I can even get to nursing, as is my right, in public! Thanks so much for this- it really means a lot!


Anonymous said...

Very rarely do I see a 'bargain' post and buy (because that defeats the purpose by spending more money), but I was grateful to get in on this! I'm a third time mom who uses her nursing cover more than ever because I'm more on the go with #3. I purchased one for a friend who's having a baby soon and encouraged a few others that have asked me about mine.
Hooray for nursing mommies (and cloth diapers too)!

Jenny said...

Thank you so much! I have been wanting one of these for quite some time, but just couldn't swallow the $30 + price tag when a receiving blanket works. I ordered mine yesterday and can't wait for it to get here!!