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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Winners... Winners...Winners!!!!

I've been sick the last couple of days ... just getting back up and running! I noticed I let some give aways slide and haven't announced the winners! So... without further ado...

The Winners Are...

The Charlie and Lola Extremely Wintery Winter Activity Kit
#8: Anonymous -
Who said,"My daughter plays like she is Lola, English accent & all! She would love this." I've emailed you - so respond to my email and your kit will be on its way!

The Safety Caps
#24: Diana

The Twilight Prize Package
#139: Misty

The $25 Walmart Gift Card for the new Twilight DVD - just released!
#24: Amazing Greis

The Ecostore brand earth friendly cleaners
#6: Kelking
#15: Teresa
#49: CandG

Okay guys and gals - email me with your shipping info and your prizes will be on their way! you've got 48 hours to claim your prizes!!!


Misty said...

Did I miss this? Is it me? Did I win?! Oh my I am so excited but wait am I too late....aaahhh I need to find where to email you!
mine is

teresa said...

Is this me? I hope so... I'm Teresa; ow do I e-mail you?

CandG~Jill W said...

Thank you thank you! Can't wait to try this out!