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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aldi Deals 3/15 - 3/21

If you are new to Aldi here are a few facts:

Aldi does not accept coupons.
They have mostly (non) name brand foods.
You will need to buy bags - or bring your own.
Don't forget to bring a quarter for your cart! You'll need to insert a quarter to get a cart - but you'll get it back when you return it.
Aldi does not take credit cards or checks - only cash or debit.

Aldi usually has very cheap (and local) produce as well as cheap milk and milk products.

Here's the Aldi Deals this week:

Brawny® Giant Rolls Paper Towels $9.99 per 8 pack

Sea Queen® Crab or Shrimp & Crab Cakes $3.99

Sea Queen® Crunchy Fish Strips or Crispy Fish Tenders $2.69

Sea Queen® Seafood Medley Blend $4.99

Reggano® Tuna Skillet Dinner $0.96

Deutsche K├╝che Herring Fillets $1.69

SeaNet® Mackerel $1.29

Happy Farms® Tuna or Seafood Salad $2.99

Pillar Rock Pink Salmon Pouch$1.99

Chicken of the Sea® Tiny Shrimp $1.89

Kirkwood Fully Cooked Chicken Meals $4.29

Mama Cozzi® 4 Cheese or Meatball Stuffed Sandwiches $1.89

Mama Cozzi Toasted Ravioli $2.79

Lunch Mate Smoked Turkey Breast or Smoked Ham $2.99

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice $1.69

Uncle Ben's Country Inn Rice $1.19

Kraft® Deluxe Mac & Cheese Dinner $1.69

Tony's® Original Meat Trio or 4 Cheese Pizza $1.99

Baker's Treat® Scones $2.39

Welch's Fruit Juice Cocktail $2.19