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Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Why do you split your stuff up into multiple transactions?

One of the main reasons for doing multiple transactions in one week is because you have $/$$ coupons – such as the $3/$15 CVS coupon. If this is the case and you have $30 or more worth of products you want to buy (before coupons) then you will want to break it into (2) $15 transactions. This way you will get $3 off of each transaction for a total of $6 off of your total $30 spent – rather than $3 off of $30 spent. This is because you can only use 1 CVS $/$$ coupon per transaction.

Another reason is because you have lots of stuff you want to purchase and only a few ECBs to use. Let’s say it is a REALLY good week at CVS and you want to purchase $30 worth of product (total after manufacturer’s coupons). You only have $9.98 in ECBs when you arrive at CVS. So, for your first transaction you try to pick up the products off your list that will equal as close to $9.98 as possible (after coupons). Then you can use your ECBs to pay and more ECBs will print on your receipt. You’ll turn around and do another transaction using the ECBs you just earned so that you don’t have to pay with REAL money. =)

Can I do multiple transactions at the same store?

That depends on how friendly your store is and how busy your CVS happens to be. =) At my local store I have a cashier that loves to watch what I do so she is happy to do multiple transactions (I try not to hassle her with more than 3). I will do them all in a row with her as long as no one else is waiting. If someone is waiting I let them go ahead. If the store is busy I will load my car and come back in to do another transaction. Other stores aren’t so friendly so I’ll do one and come back another day or time.

I signed up for a CVS card and they said I would get my ECBs quarterly. I though you said I would get them each time I do a transaction at the end of my receipt?

You receive 2% back of your total quarterly spending in ECBs every three months. Since I normally pay for most of my purchases in ECBs as opposed to cash, I don't spend hardly anything out of pocket. (Which is the goal) This means that I don't make much back on the quarterly 2%, usually a few ECBs. These are totally separate from the ECBs that you earn from purchasing certain products in the weekly and monthly flyer. They will print at the end of your receipt just like the other ECBs however and will look the same – and spend the same! =)

Still have questions? Email me or leave a comment here and I will add to this list as you guys have questions! =)


Elle-Tn said...

very well explained!

wiccanstitcher said...

I did have a question about a coupon I recieved and was confused on how to use it. I received a $12 off CVS brands purchase and I didn't know if that was for one item or several CVS brand items in the same purchase.

Steph said...

I thought it was funny when I received .50 cents in ecb on my purchases. My receipt said I saved over $800. That would mean I only spent about $25 oop (mostly eng. muffins). Great posts.

Anonymous said...

I know CVS e-mails out $3/15 or $4/20 coupons...My sister and I have not received any yet and I have had my card since November and my sister has had one since January. Is this normal? I receive offers, but no coupons.

Anonymous said...

For the last quarter I got a whole $2 in ECB :) but I was glad because I hadn't been shopping since the after Thanksgiving sale. When I scanned my card at the red thing it was a nice surprise as I was starting all over with no ECBs

I'm lucky in that it seems there is a CVS on almost every corner. But I have 3 that I will use. There's a 4th one that I will go to if I absolutely cannot find what I need at the other 3 if it's something that I really want to get.

I do love CVS

Missy said...

You seem much bigger on CVS than Walgreens. Have you tried both and find you can save more at CVS or is it more a matter of personal preference?

Denise Sawyer said...

I know that they DO mail out $3/$15 and $4/$20 but actually receiving one is far and few between. I have had my card forever and I haven't EVER gotten one. However, my husband has one and he gets coupons all the time - but he rarely uses his card. I'm not sure if there is a rhyme or reason to why and when you receive them.

Denise Sawyer said...

It is personal preference. I have 4 CVS drugstores all very close by. I only have one Walgreens. However, I like that I spend very little out of pocket at CVS and the rewards are instant - with Walgreens you have to wait on rebates. However, Walgreens has been giving them a run for their money lately and I have found myself picking up the deals there more often. So, I look at both and it varies week to week.

Jenny said...

I just started CVS shopping this week and I have a question.
I went in today and bought toothpaste for $2.99, used my $1.00 off coupon so my total was $1.99.
I gave her my $2.00 extra bucks and she said I had a -1 cent balance so I had to buy something else. Is this right? I would have rather just lost my 1 cent.
She wasn't very friendly, so I just threw in a cheap bag of candy, but now I'm frustrated!
Is that how it works?

Stacie said...

I have read your information as well as the frugal coupon mom's on the CVS ECB and I'm probably dense because I'm still really confused. I always use coupons that print on the CVS receipt, but I don't think this is what you mean. I logged into my account and see that I have an offer of $2.49 on Hallmark that expires in April. Does this mean that I can buy a card for $2.49 for free and if so, how do I do that? I don't have anything on a receipt. Would I need to have a receipt that shows something about ECBs on the bottom? I'm so confused about how to use this instead of real money. Sorry if I'm asking a dumb question, but I just can't seem to figure this out.

Catwoman said...

I'm new at this, but for the last three weeks, I've shown up at my nearest CVS at 8 a.m. (their opening time) on Sundays, only to find that the free or overage items are already all gone. How is this possible? Is there a time on Saturday where those deals start?

Thanks for all the great information! :)

Ann Marie said...

Do ECBs expire?

the thornton family said...

if I have ecb's from my card can I use them while my husbands card is scanned by the cashier?? or ecb's redeemable only with the card it was from ???

Denise Sawyer said...

Thornton Family,
You must use the ECBs with the same card that you earned them with. They are coded with the card's # so it will beep if you try to use the ECBs with a different card.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I've read several on other websites, but this is the easiest to understand. The different scenarios of the same purchases are great! Thanks!

anna said...

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kelly ( said...

Thank you so much for your explanation. It was so much more clear than others I've seen. I think I finally understand.

Anonymous said...

hey how can i get a coupon or whatever to get the 25.00 cvs giftcard when u buy or transfer a prescription? u ca