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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Free or Nearly Free Wacky Mac Pasta!

Safe-way and Safe-way affiliated stores have Wacky Mac for $1 a package.
Go print (2) $0.50/1 coupons on my GREEN coupon bar (left side)
Safe way doubles making the pasta FREE!
You can print 2 coupons and get two bags FREE!

Many other stores also carry this colorful pasta for around a buck! You can score a couple of bags for free or nearly free!

Thank LeAnn!

1 Comment:

Cindy said...

I saw this the other day when you first posted it, but I'd never heard of Wacky Mac pasta so I didn't pay much attention.

Then yesterday I decided to get some whole grain macaroni to give my one year old for finger food. As I was looking at all the pasta, I thought, "I should get him some spinach pasta," you know, add a little extra oomph to his finger foods, lol. My husband saw Wacky Mac (spinach, tomato, and, talk about oomph!) on the bottom shelf and said, "Hey, didn't one of those blogs have a coupon for free Wacky Mac?"

Thanks, Denise!