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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Buzz Blog Update!

There's a new story over at the Baby Buzz Blog today! Just wanted to give my favorite readers the heads up! The story this week is about my first baby shower! Also, I have three new questions up that I would like your input on...

1. What kind of diaper bag do you have/should I get?

2. What are your ideas for showers you have thrown or had thrown for you (themes, decorations, food, games, etc.)

3. Do you like your Bumbo chair (or similar chair) - I'm thinking of getting the Prince LionHeart one.

So, if you would, head over to the Baby Buzz blog and read my new article and answer a few of my questions over there. That will keep all the answers in one place AND #2 (question) might just end up a sweet little resource if enough of you chime in!

What do you think of the Baby Buzz blog so far? I'd love to know! And, if you've got some good ideas on what you'd like to see me write about let me know!


Sarah G :) said...

Hi. I wanted to put my 2 cents in on your questions but for some reason my computer at work blocks the baby buzz blog. So I'm posting here in stead.
1) I have a home-made diaper bag which is kind of like a book satchel with lots of pockets around the inside. I love it. But I couldn't tell you where to get one. sorry. I also have a "fancy" one from and don't care for the bulk of it. so if I were you I wouldn't waste the money. It really depends though on how often and for how long you go out. I've seen some really cute purses which can easily double as a diaper bag at T.arget (I know you endorse Wal.mart) plus, you can use them for both your stuff and baby's. :)
2) My baby was born in August and we had a pool party shower. It was so much fun for me and the guests.
3) I don't think the bumbo chair is worth the $$ it cost. We did not have one but I know other mom's who do. And while they are helpful, the child only uses it for about 3 months. There are plenty of other alternatives to help him learn to sit up w/out spending the $$.

Jenny said...

I answered your diaper bag and bumbo questions over there.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I bought a frou frou diaper bag when I was pregnant. I loved it until I actually had to leave the house with it. It was too bulky and got dirty very very quickly! I now use the freebie Enfamil bag that we got from the hospital. It is just the right size and is dirt resistant!
We also had a bumbo chair, which the baby liked, but I would suggest borrowing one or buying one secondhand because they only use it for a very short time. Hope this helps!

Wendy said...

I bought a vera bradley bag for a diaper bag. It had six pockets on the inside, plenty of room for as much stuff as I could put in it,and I still have it 2 years later as a great overnite bag!

Jenn said...

Denise, I REALLY loved our Bumbo. I could put the baby in it and do something else in the room. It gave her a safe place to be and she could look around. I would say that especially if you are planning on having more kids, it's worth it. I kept it outside the bathroom and could put the baby in that while her brother was potty training. One thought...if you do think you're going to have more kids, some of your things you buy (bigger/more expensive items) could be a bit more neutral. I had a boy and then a girl...and I really didn't mind using a blue stroller for her. However, had my girl been first, I don't think I would have wanted my son in a pink stroller! Just a thought...

aka "THE WARDEN" said...

I had a Lions Tigers & Elephants type thing courtesy of my mother. We adopted our first son from foster when 2 yrs old, was fostering second infant boy 5 yrs later when found out I had miscarried my 8th pregnancy(miscarried all 8)Out of sky dropped boy #3 to adopt privately. As I stood at the airport to Vegas to pickup my baby boy, I was wailing to my mother how I was 35 years old, had 3 kids, and had NEVER had a baby shower or nursery. What did I come home to??? 30 women waiting with a mountain of diapers and a brand new nursery!! Sorry. Go carried away.

kronca said...

Hi! I have 3 kids and probably had at least 15 different diaper bags. Some were frou frou and some were not. I never quite found the 'perfect' one! The last diaper bag I had came the closest to being the perfect one. Here's why: It had a TON of pockets! It was made by Fleurville and was pink and brown. It converted to a backpack or an over the shoulder diaper bag. I purchased it on ebay used for about $25.00. The only reason that this bag was not the perfect diaper bag was that it did not have an attached mommy bag. I would LOVE it if someone made a diaper bag with an attached mommy bag so that moms do not have to carry their pocketbooks and a diaper bag, too! In my perfect world, the perfect diaper bag would have the mommy bag attached with velcro so that I could easily run into the store without having to lug the entire diaper bag! Regardless, those days are over for me now and I wish you best of luck on your quest for the perfect diaper bag!

Anonymous said...

2. My favorite it to suggest to guests that instead of a gift label or card, label your gift with a children's book to add to the library!

girltrapped said...

I don't know you, but I do know the Bumbo! My most favorite baby accessory, other than diapers!