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Monday, January 19, 2009

Name our Blog Talk Radio Show!

Alyssa at Keeping the Kingdom First and I are hosting a brand spankin' new show on Blog Talk Radio and we need your help to come up with a catchy name!

We're going to be bringing you lots of information on how to save money on your grocery and household budgets as well as thoughts and advice on how to raise baby on a budget!

We still need a name and we're on round 2!
Help your fellow readers win AND help us score a sweet name for our Blog Talk Radio show!

If your show name is chosen, you will win a cooler with 4 family-serve entrees (meat and vegetable lasagnas, eggplant parmesan, etc.) from Michael Angelo's Gourmet Foods AND 10 free coupons to keep or give to friends!

I had the opportunity to try the Michael Angelo Gourmet Foods... they were really good. We especially liked the Lasagna and the Chicken Alfredo. (Although we might be biased... my husband LOVES alfredo!) The first thing my husband said was how he noticed there was PLENTY of sauce. Usually meals don't give you enough with pasta - even in restaurants!

These meals will also be great for when the baby gets here and I don't feel like cooking! Especially since take-out is almost out of the question where I live... it is just too far away!

Here's how the contest will work:

Select your favorite name. Tell all your friends to come choose their favorite name. Twitter about it and hopefully everyone will choose their favorite name! :) You'll have until Thursday at 7:00 pm EST. Alyssa and I will announce the winning name on BlogTalkRadio at 8:00 pm EST!

One more tip!

Thanks for giving us your opinion and helping us choose a name! Even if you aren't the winner of the big prize pack you can still score a BOGO coupon for Michael Angelo's Gourmet Foods HERE
(You'll need to register)


Anonymous said...

We love Michael Angelo products. We live in Austin where they are made! One thing I really like about them is they are stamped with the date they are frozen and most of the time for us we can get them less week after that date. They taste much fresher than the other brands of frozen lasagnas.


Marilyn said...

I know it is probably too late to submit a name for your show, but I'm gonna throw this out there anyway.
"Talk is Cheap"
Don't know how I missed this contest unless it was started before I joined, or while I had pneumonia back in November. Oh well such is life, but I sure do enjoy your blog.

kat said...

I haven't tried Michael Angelo's but I can't wait to after all the good reviews.

Congrats on the hosting the show!

CheapCindy said...

Thanks for the coupon link - if you didn't see it there is also a rebate form for 6 individual dinners!! Sweet - I love the eggplant.

Affluent Pauper said...

Here's how to get six more boxes for free after rebate...

After you register on the site and print out your BOGO coupons - Go out of the site and go to the rebate page at (you may have to sign in) to print a rebate form. Then buy 6single-serve entrées at your local store, host a lunch for yourself and five other people by January 31st and as long as you mail in the rebate form by February 28, 2009, you'll get a refund for your purchase.

Affluent Pauper said...

Hey CheapCindy - Looks like we're commenting at the same time on different coasts! I also like the vegetarian one. The portions are bigger than usual TV dinners.