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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hot Deal at Walgreen's!!

Walgreens had the Gazelle Vac on clearance for $39.99 (orig price 79.99)
It has a $20.00 easy saver rebate this month - if you purchase a gift card you only pay 16.00 for it - what a great deal!

Thanks to Debra Devito for this tip!


Line said...

Purchase a gift card? What kind? Please explain :)

Lisa Neicen said...

I am lost on the gift card as well, please clarify!!

Anonymous said...

Walgreens also has Kellogs cereal for 1.99 and you can print off a 1.00 coupon and get it for .99 what a great deal.
limit four, but the kellogs website will only give you 3.

Tracy K. in Illinois said...

I believe what she meant to say was that if you request a gift card for your rebate you will receive an additional 10% - therefore making the price $17.99oop.