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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Today's Free Redbox Code

If you haven't tried Red Box yet - go get your keys and GO NOW!!

Really, the rentals are only $1 a day (if you pay for them- we'll get to that). That is WAY cheaper than any other rental place. There are always LOTS of choices too. There is always at least a handful of movies my husband and I want to see. They usually have some kid movies and some family movies too!

The best part is you can rent with a promo code and the movie is FREE (for one night). There is always a FREE CODE on Mondays and there are also other Free Codes! Check 'em out here. And, as I mentioned last week ... very exciting news... there will be Sunday codes this month thanks to RedBox partnering with Walmart's Elevenmoms!

Today's FREE movie code 11moms4uA

Not Sure How to Use the Redbox? Here's a Step By Step Guide!

1. Go to any place that has a Red Box (However, for these codes you'll need to go to one located in a Walmart). Not sure... search for a location HERE.

2. (It has a touch screen) touch the button on the left bottom corner that says "rent with a promo code"

3. Enter your code

4. Select your movie

5. Swipe your credit card - because they want to know who to charge it to if you skip the country and never return it! :)

6. Take your movie home and enjoy! Just be sure to return it before 9 p.m the next night to keep it FREE! Every day it is late it will just cost you a buck though! Want a second free movie? These codes are only good once on your card... but you can use a second card and use the code again. (They are good one time per card).


BusyMom said...

I tried this code today and it told me it was invalid - is the deal limited to certain locations or is it not valid until tomorrow or is it a fluke?

Julie said...

I had the same problem with last week's code. I was hoping it was a glitch that would get corrected by this week. No such luck, huh?

Love4One said...

Ladies, when I initially tried using the code, I received an "invalid" message. I retyped the code slowly making sure I didn't mistype zero for the letter "O". There when I realized my mistake. Perhaps you've mistakenly typed the wrong letters or numbers. I did get the Dec. 14 code to work. Hope this helps.

Cynthia said...

Thanks for sharing the Redbox codes! I was so excited to find these, and I blogged about it too!