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Monday, December 29, 2008

Make your Own "Boutique" Nursery Letters for a few bucks!

As promised, here are the steps we took to make the letters in my baby's room. I spotted some letters similar to this in a local boutique for $31 each(like these) and my mom suggested I try to make some on my own.

First, I purchased some cheap frames (mine were from Walmart - they were originally black) for only $3 each

Then, I purchased some scrap book paper for the background. There are so many patterns and colors available you can choose whatever matches your decor! I got mine for less than $1 a sheet at a local craft store.

I also purchased some wooden letters. Lots of craft stores have these. I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 each (they were on sale 1/2 price!).

I also bought white and navy blue spray paint for $0.88 a can.

Total cost for 5 finished "boutique" nursery letters: $30 Total cost for 5 letters - had I purchased them (which I couldn't even fathom!): $155 I did all of my letters for about the price of one!

Here's a step by step of how I assembled them:

1.My husband spray painted the frames (since they were originally black he had to spray them white and then blue to make sure the color was right).

2. I cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frames
3. I hot glued the paper down to the back of the frame.

4. I hot glued the letters down on top of the paper - the letters were already white, but you can paint them any color you choose.
5. Viola! Boutique Style letters for a fraction of the cost!


Zombiemommy said...

Those are pretty!

Katina said...

They are adorable! Were your letters wooden or paper? I couldn't tell from the picture. Great job!

LeAnna said...

Cute! I'm doing something similar with our babies nursery. I think I'm going to hot glue the frames together so they hang as one big wall-hanging. Not sure, yet! I had to get 10X13 frames to fit the letters, so now I hope I can find paper large enough to put behind them!

Andrea @ Mommy said...

That turned out great! I never would have thought to do that.

And, now we know his name!!! I love it :-)

Denise Sawyer said...

Yep - these are wooden letters.

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

SavvySuzie said...

Great idea!! I think Michaels sells the wooden letter cutouts (unfinished) too...I think I've got some redecorating to do :)

Anonymous said...

Great Idea!!! I beat you can een use fabric instead of paper, for larger frames...

Rachel H. said...

Hey! I actually did this same thing a few weeks ago--I thought I was being SO creative! :)

Guess I wasn't as original as I thought!!!! :)

Yours turned out adorable!!

Andi said...

very cute decorating idea!

Mark and Emma said...

OMG, I LOVE the name you guys picked out!!!

cutiepiescustomcreations said...

Very cute!!! Love the framed letters, you did a great job. (I also love the lamp in your nursery!)

Sweetwater Savings said...

My sister is pregnant and I am totally stealing your idea (you'll get credit:)!). Love the name you picked for him!

Lori said...

Good job. I paid about $12 to make 7 wall letters for my DD's nursery. Here's a link to that:

Tammy said...

That is too funny! I purchased the same style of letters to spell NOEL and displayed them on a shelf for Christmas. Now, I'm going to copy your idea and put them in frames so next year they will be ready to hang during the season. Thanks and great job. Also, you look beautiful expecting! Blessings. Tammy