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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Aldi Deals 12/21 - 12/27

If you are new to Aldi here are a few facts: Aldi does not accept coupons. They have mostly (non) name brand foods. You will need to buy bags - or bring your own. Don't forget to bring a quarter for your cart! You'll need to insert a quarter to get a cart - but you'll get it back when you return it. Aldi does not take credit cards or checks - only cash or debit.

Aldi usually has very cheap (and local) produce as well as cheap milk and milk products.

Here's the Aldi Deals this week:

Casa Mamita Salsa $1.49

Leland Party Cheese Aerosal $1.89

Kirkland Chicken Breast Bites $5.49

Red Baron Stone Hearth Pizza $3.49

Valley View Seasoned Mashed Potatoes (box) $0.99

Chef's Cupboard Turkey or Herb flavored Stuffing $0.79

Tony's cheesy Meatball Pouches $1.39

Poppycock Glazed Popcorn $2.49

V8 Splash $1.89

Keebler's Townhouse Wheat or Kellogg's All Bran Crackers $2.29

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question last week of what do you buy at Aldi. I am adding Aldi to my rounds to buy milk (it is the cheapest in town!) and produce. I will probaby pick up a few other things to try. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! =)