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Thursday, December 18, 2008

HOT Tip of Hair Accessories!

If you downloaded the $2 Goody Ouchless coupon last month from the Goody website (it's down now), pair it with the new Shortcuts ( just added $1 off Goody Ouchless coupon.

Use both on one Goody item at Kroger until December 31 when the paper one expires and get $3 off one Goody Ouchless hair accessory.

Surely a clever girl can find something free or almost free with $3 to work with! *wink*

Thanks to Lea Ann at Mommy's Wish List!


katy said...

I tried to do this (bought a package of bands for 2.69), but I didn't realize until I was home that the shortcuts coup didn't show up on my receipt. It wasn't worth my effort to go back to argue. Oh well.

Mrs. J said...

Shortcuts hadn't worked on 2 of my transactions I made the past few weeks either. I dont know whats up w/that

tina said...

just a note on the goody's coupons do not try to use them at walmart. they will not accept them. i tried last week and the csm said they were told not to accept these and any internet printable with the address 1fawcett dr. on them. i emailed them about this and they concurred that will not accept any of these! just a FYI !

Lindsay said...

I've used multiples of the goody's coupons at my Walmart with no problems. YMMV :)

manystraits said...

I got a GREAT deal on some ouchless "pony holders" my local Dillon's (a Kroger store). The pony holders were marked at $3.12, so I was expecting to pay $.12 which is a good price... BUT, they rang up at $1.56 (half price), so I had a $1.44 overage!! WOOHOO!!!

Bonnie said...

My walmart has no problems taking them either, I have gotten at least 10 packs! Southern PA. Just show them a copy of your printed Walmart Coupon policy, it says they take them.