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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aldi Deals 12/14 - 12/20

If you are new to Aldi here are a few facts: Aldi does not accept coupons. They have mostly (non) name brand foods. You will need to buy bags - or bring your own. Don't forget to bring a quarter for your cart! You'll need to insert a quarter to get a cart - but you'll get it back when you return it.

Aldi usually has very cheap (and local) produce as well as cheap milk and milk products.

What's on Sale this Week:

BBar brand Mini Bageldogs $3.99

Mama Cozzi Combination Bagel Pizza $5.99

Mama Cozzi Toasted Ravioli $2.69

Sea Queen Fire Cracker or Sweet and Sour Shrimp $2.99

Grandessa Signature Stuffed Flatbread $3.99

Grandessa Signature Desert Pastry $4.49

Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares $2.69
(The ones in the little gift-like foil bags)

Russell Stover Assorted Chocolates $0.89 each

Cocktail Rye Bread $1.89

Kings Hawaiian Original Rolls $1.99

General Mills Chex Cereal $1.99

* A Note from the "Cent"sible Sawyer: I have only been to our local Aldi 2 times. I am unfamiliar with their grocery items. I would like to add this to my weekly "rounds." Anybody out there have any tips for me? What do you like at Aldi - What have you tried. I am interested in those desert puffs they are advertising this week. Anybody tried those yet? Thanks for your comments!


Andrea @ Mommy said...

Hey Denise, I love Aldi!!!

I did a post on it at my place too (if you're interested).

I have so many things I really love from there now. Here are a couple, mostly because it's just cheaper:

Salsa in the deli section - the bomb!
Mama Cozi's spaghetti sauce
Tortilla Chips
Honey Buns

I had also tried the ground turkey but something about the consistency just turned me off to it after a while. I haven't tried any other meat so I'll be interested to see others weight in for their opinion.

Gina said...

Aldi is my main grocery store now. All their staples (flour, sugar, milk, eggs and butter) are excellent. I also really like their chocolate chips and cake mixes. But my favorite is Aldi cheese! It is better than name brand! Especially the taco blend...great for quesadillas! They also have very good spaghetti sauce. Basically all that I've found that I don't like there is gatorade and lunch meat (like name brand Hillshire Farm). HTH!

chrissybeagle said...

Aldi's staples are great priced! I really like their pancake mix and syrup. It is very inexpensive and very good! Its easy to make on a busy morning! and a great size ...not too big like sam's club. also the ariel cooking spray is greeat, canola based and cheap!

kangaj1 said...

We love so many things from Aldi:

gummy bears
baking staples
all varieties of crackers
brownie and cake mix
pancake mix and syrup
apple juice
taco mix
canned vegetables/kidney beans
paper products
pork chops and other fresh meats
frozen garlic/cheese bread
frozen chicken

Some things we buy there only when other stores don't have the sales we need, but for many things we prefer Aldi. Have fun!

Brandy said...

I love shopping at Aldi. These are the things that I always buy there:

Turkey Bacon
Brown Gravy mix
Canned Veggies
Hot Dogs
Frozen Chicken Nuggets (better than Tyson or Banquet)
Cream of Mushroom and Chicken soup
The Caesar salad dressing is really good
Sugar, brown sugar
baking soda

Hope this helps.

Molly said...

I have made Aldi a part of my weekly rounds even though it is a little out of my way. The prices are worth it. I can get a gallon of milk for cheaper than a half gallon cost at Wal-mart. I also get other dairy items such as eggs, cheese, yogurt, sour cream etc. as well as a good deal on produce items. I normally make it one of my first stops and the get what is missing from produce and other item at another store. I haven't been to impressed with their meat prices (can normally find it on sale somewhere else for much cheaper) but they also have a good selection of canned goods. There are a couple of soups and dishes that I can make all from ingredients at Aldi. Some items such as their salsa haven't impressed me very much (very strong vinegar taste). Also lots of frozen stuff, including fish, that are a great deal.
The eggs cartons have a bible verse in the lid that really impresses me. You don't ever get something like that on massed produced groceries!

cemoody379 said...

I've had the puffs. They are definitely yummo!!!

I purchase my staples at Aldi:
salad dressing
cereal (if no frugal deals)
ground turkey
baking staples

I always go to Aldi first, then things they may not have, I'll pick up at another store. It's on the way, so no gasoline wasted.

HomeBizLiz said...

I do 90% of my shopping at Aldi's. I have 3 boys, and they can really go thru the food. I'm coming to you via, she has an Aldi's blog with recipes, etc.
I would caution you though to know your prices, sometimes you can buy items at the grocery store or Walmart for cheaper when they are on sale.

Tracy K. in Illinois said...

oh Denise...if the puffs you are referring to are the cream puffs, don't buy them unless you are looking to gain a ton of weight. They are soooo GOOD and you can't stop at just a few! They go so fast at our house that I quit buying them and just started making the "cream puff cake". Just as good but much cheaper!
Regarding Aldi for shopping: I mainly stop in once a month to stock up on produce and a few canned goods. Their dry beans and a few other things are much cheaper than our local grocery stores. However, I don't have an Aldi close enough to make regular stops for things like milk and cheese. I typically buy my milk at CVS and wait for sales at the local market for cheese and other high priced dairy products.

mindy said...

Creme puffs are VERY good.

Milk typically $1.98 a gallon.

Cereal less than $2 a box and the peanut butter crunch is excellent.

And they have what my husband calls the 'magic middle'...the middle aisle where you can find anything from clothes to toys to tools to furniture!!

Kristen said...

We love aldi- The great thing is they will take anything back you don't like. We tried some of their sherbert and didn't like it. I returned it to the store, didn't even need my reciept and they gave me my money back. This is the only thing I have tried and haven't been pleased with.

Sally said...

We love Aldi. I usually spend 50% of my budget at Aldi. I don't eat meat but I buy a lot of their produce. My husband is the meat eater in the family and he loves the frozen meatballs 1.99 for a bag, frozen hamburger patties 5.99 for 12, Chicken fries are just like Burger kings. I recently tried the steaks, but he was not all that impressed with them (Proably my fault because I don't know how to choose or cook steak). I also buy my staple items there, milk, flour, butter etc. I like the Spaghetti Sauce they carry better than Ragu and its only .99.

Kristi said...

I make a monthly Aldi run because it is a bit out of my way. My family will only eat the Aldi brand spaghetti sauce and chicken nuggets. Any other brand I've picked up on sale/with coupons they refuse to eat and say tastes funny. We buy most of our meat from Aldi's. There chicken breasts are great, they have a six pack of frozen steaks that we love, and my husband grills all summer with the pre-made hamburger patties. The self-rising frozen pizza is better than any other frozen pizza we have tried. The kids prefer it over our local fast food pizza place.

April S said...

Hi all,
Aldi's is my main grocery store. The only thing I found that I haven't liked from there are their teabags (have to have Lipton here). Their pantry staples are good. Their salad dressings are wonderful. Their baking mixes are really good-it's amazing what my mom can do with aldi's fudge brownie mix and a can of their chocolate frosting. I honestly have never gotten anything there, except the tea bags, that I wouldn't buy again. Don't know what we would do without them around here.!

Leslie said...

We LOVE Aldi! My husband always jokes that we wouldn't be able to afford our six children if it weren't for Aldi. We don't buy red meat from Aldi...we have tried their hamburgers before and we didn't love them. We do buy chicken breasts in a bag there and they are GREAT. We don't love the spagetti sauce but we are kind of picky. But everything else is` wonderful. We go to Aldi first and buy everything that they don't have elsewhere. Also, we love, love, LOVE the desert puffs...could eat the entire container!! =)

Michelle said...

Denise - I love Aldi! I usually make up my list based on my local grocery store's sales/coupons and what I need, but I stop at Aldi first to get whatever is less expensive there. Here are some of my favorites (these are 99.9% of the time cheaper at Aldi):

Aldi's spaghetti sauce
milk (in my area $2.50/gal)
eggs (in my area $.99)
cheese slices
vanilla wafers
all the chips and pretzels
frozen veggies
"totino's" type party pizzas ($.99)
usually, if I need staples and they are not on sale with a coupon at my grocery store, they are much cheaper at Aldi. There are two things I have tried and did not like - the crunchy cheese (Cheetos-type) snacks (the puffed ones are good) and the "triscuit"-type crackers.

Good luck!

BTW - if you have a Trader Joe's in your area - that was started by the brother of the guy who started Aldi and is more whole and organic foods, but same off-brand concept.

Courtney said...

The downside to Aldi is that you'll need a quarter to get a shopping cart. You get it back when you return your cart to the store. This cuts down cost for not having to hire cart people or baggers. With bags, you'll have to bring your own bags or buy their paper or reuseable plastic or reuseable totes and bag your own groceries. I recommend buying or bringing your own reuseable tote and leaving them in the car so you'll always have them and never have to buy. These things are what keep their prices so low because they don't have to pay people to do these jobs.

The great news is that the reason they don't accept coupons is because it's mostly all their own brand. They have a guarantee that it's as yummy as other well known companies' products. Like someone else said, if you don't feel that it's just as good, you can return it.

I always get my staple foods there. I also get spaghetti and sauce there too. They usually have really great deals on fruits and veggies and even good deals on meat! Normally I shop the stores first for great deals and come to Aldi afterward to buy other things I couldn't find on sale at regular stores. Some do it the other way around and shop Aldi first. By the way, they do have a few major company products there and they won't accept coupons for them. But those are things you can usually get for free at CVS or Walgreens anyhow.

One last thing we always buy at Aldi are their kids toothbrushes. They're less than .50 and they light up! You don't need batteries for them to light up either.

Zombiemommy said...

I started a price book (Tightwad Gazette) and found the following to be the cheapest at Aldi's.

Bananas .46 a pound
Parmesan 2.19
Flour Tortillas .99
Yogurt (you can get cheaper using coupons but when it comes to the 8oz size .43 each is a good deal).
Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate 1.19
Pineapples 1.95
Oranges 1.95
Tuna .67
Grits 1.09
Oatmeal 1.69
Tortilla Chips .99
Vanilla Extract 1.99
Raisins 1.69

I don't think Ald's prices on cheese, lunch meat are that great. The meat looks pretty but I think they use chemicals on it to get it that red color. I don't like their bread, frozen mahi.

N. said...

I buy almost all of my produce there ... usually tons cheaper! I buy our off-brand cereal and apple juice .. tons cheaper. I also buy their one-pound frozen hamburger, frozen chicken nuggets, and baking staples. I just run in there before I head for my normal grocery trip, see if there's anything on my list at Aldi, and buy it there if there is. The only thing I have found that I don't care for is their frozen bags of chicken breasts. They actually taste yucky to me.

Anonymous said...

Aldi is a real help to a tight budget--and most of their products are really great. Only a few things are not to our liking:

Tandil laundry soap--oversudsing.
Reeva dishsoap--not enough suds. Dawn is worth the extra money.
Freshshine "swiffer" wet mop--leaves my floor sticky.
The tub margarine tastes funny.
The canned Beaumont coffee is yucky--we really prefer Folgers.

Here's what I buy all the time:
All crackers--saltines only $0.79!
Cookies: oatmeal and chocolate chip only $0.99 each and great for lunchbox.
Chocolate chips
Salted almonds
Basic spices--cumin, paprika, garlic salt, chili powder
Baking powder
Brown sugar
10 x sugar
Canola Oil
Extra virgin olive oil
Peanut butter
Not from concentrate orange juice (really good)
Plain yogurt
All cheese (except string cheese which is cheaper at Walmart)
Fruit "Loops"
Low-fat granola (really good stuff)
Frosted shredded wheat
Ketchup (I thought we would never use anything but Heinz. Kyder ketchup is really good and soooo much less expensive)
Mustard--plain, dijon, spicy
Mayo--we prefer Helmann's but Burmanns is much less expensive and tastes as good as homemade.
All canned tomatoes
All canned fruit
All dried beans
Macaroni and cheese dinner--we really like it just as much as Kraft dinner and it only costs $0.33
Paper towel
Paper napkins
Clarissa tissue
Liquid handsoap (milk and honey smells good and doesn't dry out my skin)
All basic produce:carrots, onions, celery, etc. Sometimes Aldi has multicolored peppers 3 for $1.99 making what I used to feel was too much of a luxury an affordable treat. Potatoes and onions are sometimes a little "iffy" but for the most part I'm thrilled with the produce. Bananas $0.39 per pound can't be beat.

We LOVE their fresh beef. It is affordable and the quality is excellent. Our favorites are chuck roast and New York Strip steaks. I often am able to get a package of two really nice steaks for $7 or less. I stopped buying meat from our local Kroger's because the quality was so low, the packages were ridiculously too large or too small and the price was beyond our reach. Thanks to Aldi, we can afford a nice pot roast at least once a month.

All the frozen chicken is great.
The frozen fish is good and the price is right--eg: 1 lb. Orange roughy for $6.99 1 lb salmon fillets for $4.99.

Frozen vegetables are good (the green beans are excellent--they taste like they are from my garden.)

Cream soups only $0.49

I love Aldi.

Anonymous said...

I love Aldi! I go there first to buy all my staples. I will say that my family doesn't like their yogurt or cottage cheese. But I regularly buy all of my baking products, milk, eggs, canned foods and fresh vegetables there. Best prices in town.

Eddie said...

Aldi produce is simply the best. I have only shopped their for two months and thank God their produce is as cheap as I am. Some of their fine produce I have purchased:

Pineapple: 99-$1.49
Multi colored Peppers: $2.49 three pack
Celery sticks- .69-.99 cents
carrots/baby carrots: 99 cents
Red Grapes, flawless, seedless:
$2.99 for TWO pounds
Oranges- $1.99 for package of EIGHT

I honestly eat more and a wider variety of fruits and vegetables than before I shopped with Aldi. My wife was skeptical but is being won over. She has a Louis Vuitton purse (a real one) yet even she is beginning to love their products. Their Kyder ketchup tastes JUST like Heinz, and is much cheaper than even store branded ketchup.