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Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Fruitful Thanksgiving...

This Thanksgiving Break has proven to be a fruitful one!

I have gotten a ton of stuff done, while also finding time to visit with family that I don't get to see often enough! As a second grade teacher, I have the luxury of getting a lengthy break around the holidays. I have been off since Wednesday and have to return to the grind on Monday.

I enjoyed a pretty relaxing Thanksgiving. I only cooked a couple of the dishes and my mom & grandmother did the rest. We had Thanksgiving dinner over at my mom's house and it was beautiful!

Friday, we steered clear of the Black Friday chaos but we did visit Home Depot later in the day to pick up the supplies to start on the baby's room. I also made a pit stop over at CVS and picked up lots of great loot AND grew my CVS extra care bucks!

Yesterday, my husband and my father in law (who was down for a visit) hung all the chair rail and built shelving in the baby's room! I am getting so excited now! It is really taking shape! All that is left is slapping on some paint!

Today I am parked in front of my computer. I have been reading and working all morning with lots more to do. I've been learning more about Twitter (now that I have had a few spare minutes) and also reading up on "growing my brand" over at
You may have noticed I have been cleaning up and adding some cool new things on my side bars as well! So, if you also twitter, be sure to follow me ... and I'll follow you! Or, if you want your site noticed, you can get in my "top spots" on my right side bar for a little publicity - and you'll be showing me a little love - (by the way I'm cheap!) :)

I've also been surfin' for deals and getting ready to post up my usual Sunday posts! So stay tuned...

How 'bout you? What have you done with a little extra time off? What great buys have you found? Or, are you like me and you got some much needed "stuff" done while you've had extra hands to help? Let me know what you've been up to over the past couple of days by leaving a comment... or show off your work by leaving a linky!


Tia said...

You really have been busy. How exciting on the nursery! Huge Congratulation!! I like the changes so far and am also playing catch up on 15 Days since I am brand new to blogging. I really need to figure out Twitter. I have a question for your top spots. Do you have to have a button to post when you buy a spot?

Denise Sawyer said...

I am not sure if you have to have a button to be honest. If you are interested try clicking through like you are going to tip and it should give you some directions. I am thinking of adding one that is just text links ... we'll see.

The "Cent"sible Sawyer