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Sunday, October 12, 2008

New at Walmart ...

Walmart is carrying a really cute line of light-up clothing for Halloween. There are shirts, hats, socks, tote bags, tees, and slippers. These items are by a company called Litewear and are very reasonable in price, ranging from only $3 (for socks) to $14 (for women's sweatshirts). The products have motion-activated LED technology that is machine washable and safe! The lights will keep you safe while your outside in the dark too! But, what I liked most is that some of the items are wearable long past Halloween, including the sweatshirt I am wearing. More bang for your buck!! =)

PS: The sweatshirt was SUPER soft - I am wearing it EVERY night before I go to bed! hehehe!!

They are also carrying a HILARIOUS line of dog costumes. Check out these silly costumes my sweet little dogs are wearing! We laughed ourselves silly. Toby (my black and white Jack Russell Terrier), on the other hand did not find it a bit amusing!

Speaking of costumes, Mindy at Mommies with Cents has a post about 5 different costumes you can MAKE for your kids this season. I LOVE costumes... any time of year. In my classroom we like to do plays in reader's theater and "get into character" with costumes and masks. It makes reading WAY more fun AND the kids really get into it!

Anybody else score some of this sweet swag? What do you think?

Speaking of Walmart... Keep reading on the next post to see the Walmart Deals updated today!


cheapsk8mom said...

lovin' the sweatshirt. did they have in "plus sizes" ?

also lovin the UFC in the background... we watched that last night too!

HeatherLow said...

oh my gosh...I was going to comment on the UFC funny! My husband loves that stuff. Thanks for the info about Walmart, glad to know it.