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Thursday, October 16, 2008

$10 Sam's Club Membership!

Starting today, Oct 17th through Oct 26, Sam's Club is offering a ten week membership for $10 to families and businesses who are not currently members.

If you visit during the weekend you may want to take them up on their Savings Challenge: Just stop by the customer service desk and share how much you spend on food, baby needs and household items and they will show you how much you can save by shopping at Sam's Club.

Read more about this outstanding promotion here.


cheapsk8mom said...

gotta love it. i just renewed my membership sunday. pfft. thanks for sharing though!! said...

You have to watch VERY carefully whether you are saving any money at sams or not. Know the prices where you regularly shop and break them down so you can compare. At my sams, the gerber 2 packs of stage 2 food actually cost a penny MORE per pack than at walmart! But it does save time, buying in bulk. Just never assume that you are getting a better deal because its sams club.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand how this is a deal? the price is normally $40/yr. which equates to $0.77/week.