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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Free TP at Kroger ... Forever?

So you probably knew we could get free Cottonelle toilet paper at Kroger with the insert coupons (from my previous post), but did you think about using the PRINTABLE HERE?

And, you can print these each month, so since Cottonelle is regularly priced a $0.99, this will mean free toilet paper for a really long time! (I heard from a couple of readers that cottonelle was a little more than a dollar - but pennies for toilet paper is good too! =)

Thanks to Samantha at Saving for Our Family's Dreams!
Samantha also has some other Kroger tips HERE


Anonymous said...

These coupons are not good on the small packages.

Chris in TN said...

I've been doing the same thing with the Rice-a-Roni/Pasta Roni 50cent coupons at Kroger. FREE PASTA!! Though it's not each month. :-(

Samantha said...

Found out today that these don't work for the regular packages! Only the special paper like Aloe! :(

one frugal lady said...

Worked fine for me. You have to click on the cottonelle ultra, not the one with aloe. Thanks so much!

My Penny Pile said...

I posted some more Kroger deals this week here

I'll have to try this printable.

Courtney said...

I filled out a pledge and then it let me choose which coupon I wanted at the end. If the aloe doesn't work at Kroger, try choosing a different coupon.

Affluent Pauper said...

The coupons don't work for the basic packages that are 99c, only for the more expensive packs. So the TP is unfortunately not free.

Anonymous said...

My Kroger removed the 4 pack of Cottonelle that was free with the insert coupons :(