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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Walgreen's = Free Movie Tix and a Clean Husband

Planning a Date Night?

I'm not sure what the movie cost where you live... $7- $10 a pop?
Well, at Walgreens this week you can score 2 movie tickets for $15.96 and your husband can smell really fresh at the theater! =) (Bonus: 4 Axe products)!

Okay, so here's how it works:

Buy 3 axe products @3.99 get one free ticket
buy 4 axe products @3.99 get two free tickets

This includes; deodorant, body wash, and spray. It all has to be one transaction. It prints out a coupon with a unique code for your tickets. Redeem online and print tickets on home computer. To see it your theater qualifies, go here. Each ticket is worth up to 12.00. Note: If you get 2 free tickets, your coupon only says one. The one code will give you both tickets. I tried it myself. And the best part. They don't expire until 11/30/08!!!!

Thanks to Maryanne at The Gobble Blog for this hot tip!


Christi said...

I bought 4 trial axe body sprays priced at $1.99 each (at my local Walgreens) and just printed out my 2 tickets so looks like it works on those as well!! $7.96 for 2 movie tickets!

Anonymous said...

yup, I got the trial size sprays and washes (1.99 and 1.49) and got my tickets too! :-)


Momma2Mia said...

Has anyone else tried it with trial sizes and not gotten the tickets, they didn't work for me!

I picked out what I though my husband would like and got 2 of the full size things at 3.99 and 2 of the trial body washes for 1.59 and I didn't get anything not even one ticket thing, which I would have gotten if had remembered that I was going to get 3 big and one small thing just to see if it worked at my store.

Am I'm missing something should I have a card to scan or something ... I'm used to CVS and I'm really bummed this didn't work since it was all OOP since I don't really go to walgreens and do their deals, since CVS is much easier for me to understand!

Will they take all of this stuff back as a return so I can buy 4 of the full size things to make the deal work??

YI HUI said...

I just went to Walgreens, and I checked Axe products, but I didn't see anything saying about free movie tickets, I wonder if it's limited to certain stores?

Momma2Mia said...

I didn't see signs in the store either jus the sale ad says it,but I returned the stuff I had bought earlier and bought all full size things and got the printout thing at the register ... from a different place than where the recipt comes out of, so who knows maybe it did work the first time, and they didn't give it to me since I just didn't know it prints out somewhere else by the register

S said...

Trial sizes didn't work for me! I went to 2 Walgreens, the first only had 1 trial size, but they had an end cap thing that mentioned the promorion in the shampoo aisle. I didn't see the same thing at the next one where I bought the 4 trial sizes, so maybe it is only at certain stores. Or else they caught onto the buying trial sizes working and changed it!!

Gloria said...

I bought 4 full-sized Axe products and I did receive a special receipt with a code for a free movie ticket. When I got home and entered the code online, I only got one free movie ticket, instead of two. I called the store manager where I bought it and he said to come back in and he would give me another special receipt with a code for a free movie. I did and when I got back home and entered that code, it gave me two free movie tickets, so in all I have three now! Guess it was worth the hassle of going back to the store!