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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Give-Aways...

Apparently I am the give-away portal. =)
Several more folks have emailed me and want to share their give-aways with you!

Emily wants to give 2 lucky winners each a coupon for a FREE pair of Victoria's Secret cotton panties (no purchase necessary!)
To enter visit HERE

Colette at Way More 4 Way Less is giving away 7 UNCUT coupon inserts from the August issues of the newspaper! That's $350 worth of coupons! Yippee!
To enter visit HERE
And tell 'em your name is Denise Sawyer! hehehe!!

Samantha at Saving For Our Family's Dreams is giving away another round of coupons.
You can enter HERE


Anonymous said...

Denise, Let Emily from the first giveaway know that she would have a lot more people if she allowed anonymous (people without google accounts like yours is set up)to sign-up!!
Thank you
Kelley(I am one of them that would have signed up!!)

Emily said...

I changed it. Now anyone can sign up!
Thanks for letting me know.

Trish said...

I'm having a coupon giveaway too -
Deadline is Friday at midnight. Thanks!