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Monday, August 18, 2008

Exciting News!

I have been awarded two awards from fellow bloggers this week!
Stay tuned to see who I'll pass these awards on to.
Thanks to Coupon Saving Family for this one!

And, thanks to Maternal Madness for this one!

It always feels good to get sweet emails from readers. Thanks to both of these ladies for the nice compliments. I am glad my blog has been so helpful!

In Other Exciting News...

I've been chosen to participate in a NEW Wal-mart video community campaign! About a month ago I received a call from Wal-Mart's advertising asking me if I wanted in. The deal is, Wal-Mart is partnering with You Tube and will be offering a new feature on their site - just for you- money saving moms! This is set to launch some time in September. In the mean time, I am busy shooting short videos about how I save money. These videos will be available on the Wal-mart site. Wal-mart sent me (and the eleven other moms) a FLIP video camera from Pure Digital to help us capture just how we are saving money!

Just so you know...
These videos can be about ANY way that we save money and I have NO obligation to Wal-Mart (Read: I am NOT being paid). Although, as you know I do a post each week on coupon matches at Wal-Mart - so that is not OUT of the question.

I am really excited about this opportunity as it will bring a whole new piece to my blog - video blogging (or vlogging). I feel this will also help YOU as know you can SEE how I am saving money!

Another cool thing is Wal-Mart is having us make videos but they also want YOUR videos. They will be offering a year's supply of groceries to one lucky winner who offers up their money saving video (The Wal-Mart "eleven" moms can't win).

As I mentioned, I am one of 12 moms that have been chosen. We will be known as the "Eleven Moms." (Okay, I said 12 moms and we'll be known as the "Eleven Moms!" - How's that for value - 12 for the price of 11! =)

So Who Are the "Eleven Moms?"

They are so awesome! I think the best part of this deal is I have meet 11 other awesome women and I am getting to work with them! I am so out of my league! These blogs/women are INCREDIBLE and I have already learned so much!!

Want to Meet 'em Yourself?
Here's their links!

ttp:// - GeekMommy’s WebLife - Lucretia - The Domestic Diva - Heather - MomAdvice - Amy - Classy Mommy - Colleen - Being Frugal - Lynnae - Deal Seeking Mom - Tara - Frugal Upstate - Jenn - Keeping the Kingdom First - Alyssa - Coupon Cravings - Erin - From Dates to Diapers - Christine - Jessica Knows - Jessica - The “Cents”ible Sawyer - ME!

With that said, I am happy to answer ANY of your questions AND I hope you'll leave me a comment. I want to hear what videos YOU want to see! I am in the process of making videos now and I need your help! I want these videos to help YOU GUYS - so leave me a comment about what videos would help you out! (They can literally be ANYTHING about saving money.


Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

Glad to have you on the project. This should be so interesting!!

Penny Pinching Parent said...

This sounds neat... can't wait to see everyone's videos.

Affluent Pauper said...

Do you have the link for the free year of groceries competition? I am SO there!

Classy Mommy said...

can't wait to meet you in person. i'm so excited for your enthusiasm for this project! hooray for your awesome website too with all these fabulous tips. i'm learning so much about savings and couponing from you ladies! colleen :)

Ava'sMom said...

What a great opportunity and Blessing! I'm excited to see you on TV! You've worked hard on your blog and definitely deserve this, how fun.

Hopefulone said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see your finished videos:) Thanks for all the deals & tips now.
Best wishes-

Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst said...

Denise, I can hardly believe I will finally get to meet you! So glad you are on board. This will be an adventure!

Greg said...

Hey Denise:
How awesome is this! I will be thinking of video idea's to submit!


PRamble said...

What an awesome opportunity! Enjoy!