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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sharin' the Savins'

A couple of Readers wanted to share their savings with you!!
Here's what I've got:

:: Safeway/Vons ::

Gina at Mommy Making Money has some great tips for Vons/Safeway this week:

What we've been waiting for: a new promo! The Summer Savings Marathon runs 7/9-7/29 and includes over 2,300 participating products. Each week, the ad will only highlight those products "on sale," and you'll see that the prices are quite high. You're better off searching one of these lists to help you with your coupon match-ups and making sure that the shelf shows the yellow tag "Summer Savings." Here are the searchable lists of participating products: PDF file or Excel file. Details of the promotion:

  • $20 reward coupon when you buy 25 or more items
  • $10 reward coupon when you buy 15 to 24 items
  • $5 reward coupon when you buy 9 to 14 items
  • Limit one reward coupon issued per transaction per day.
  • Limit one reward coupon use per transaction per day.
Gina has also got GREAT tips on how to maximize this promotion HERE
Gina has SCENARIOS up for what to buy to score the best deals!
She also has a Mr. Linky so if you have other scenarios and you want to share the LOVE and the SAVINGS you can!! Just go HERE to see the scenarios!

:: Wal-Mart has Clearance & 2 ways to use that Planters Coupon!! ::

Walmart had the Planters dry roasted peanuts on roll-back for $1.50 (were $2).
Use with a $3 off Planters and buy 3 packs of KoolAid for $.18 each. You get $.96 overage!!!
Thanks to Tammy Scott!
*NOTE: of course your mileage may vary - meaning not all Wal-marts have the same roll backs or sales - so you may or not find this true at your local store!

Wal Mart had some great clearance deals!
I found Windex Multi Task Wipes (25 per pack) got $1.00.
I also found these packs of three travel packs of the Chlorox Wipes (9 wipes per pack) for $1.50 - perfect size for the diaper bag, purse or car. They were on an end cap with several other clearance items near the bath towels.

I also found these great Kettle Roast Planters nuts for $2.88 which are great to get with the $3 off Planters coupon when I bought 3 packs of Kool Aid.
Thanks to Wendy Ellington!

:: Kroger Deals ::

Thanks to Emily Tate for sending this tip AND a picture!!

Just got back from Kroger, where there were TONS of items on clearance.
Kroger oatmeal for $0.21, Quaker oatmeal for $0.50, rice for $0.15, granola bars for $0.50, and plenty of other items. YMMV, but it's definitely worth looking! I got EVERYTHING in the picture for $5.34.

Free Shampoo & Conditioner!
I came up with an great scenario to get 6 bottles of herbel essence shampoo or conditioner:
6 Bottles of Herbal Essence Shampoo or Conditioner
Sale 2/$5 for a total of $15( you have to buy 6 in order for this to work
when you buy 3 you instantly get $3.00 off at the register so if you buy 6 you get $6.00 off
then use 3/ $3.00 off 2 Herbal Essence coupon from last Sunday's paper
making all 6 of them FREE!!!!!!!
Thanks to April at Little April Big World!


Kim and Ken Carlile said...

There is a limit of one $3 discount per transaction on the Kroger deal. I combined 2 Herbal Essence with a package of Pampers wipes. I got the $3 off, then used a $3 / 2 Herbal Essence and a $0.50 Pampers, which doubled, making my total $0.61 plus tax.

Gina said...

Thanks for the links, Denise. I hope everyone can take advantage of this great deal. When they did something like this in February, I was able to stock up on cereal and other necessities, plus donate A TON of food to our local food bank!

Ryan and Amy said...

Thanks for posting the Herbal Essence deal at Kroger. You do a great job finding deals.

Ashley said...

The limit is (3) rewards per transactions making it a total of $9 per transaction. I asked my customer service department and thats how they explained it to me.